for lack of a better place to convey this perception:
the bug which causesthe zone alarm icon to appear in the task barthat
can not be accessed or closed(referred to as 'phantom' and 'inactive' in some posts)has existed for a time beyond reason;and is still not acknowledged by zone labs.
though it does not appear to cause any exposure,it is a nuisance.
the zone alarm developers need to acknowledge this issueif for no other reason, public relations.
it is my sincere hope that zone labs will evolve into a full service security software,which can only happen with a quality product and exceptional
i put my money where my mouth is,as we have four (4) computers in our house;all with legal paid versions of zone alarm pro,and some form of symantec product w/ antivirus (av)
software (sw)
i would like very much to stop using symantec for av sw,but cannot until zone labs matures a bit moreand commits unconditionally to support of the product(s).
remember,the differerence between amatuers and professionalsis not whether they have problems;it is how they are handled.
zone labs,please make it possible for me to give y'allsome of the money i currently give symantec.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.1