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    ramage Guest

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    ZASS ran an automatic cahce cleaner process. It then finished and all my documents, my pictures and my music have gone. dissappeared. totally. There is nothing I can do to retrieve them? I feel sick. I have backed up some things but there is a lot of personal things that i'd hate to lose. please don't lecture me about back up back up. I'm gutted. I didn't do anything wrong. ZA has deleted all of these. any help? please. some help would be so much appreciated. thank you

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    Assuming you are running Windows XP... double click My Computer, Double click Hard drive icon, Set folder optios to allow you to see Hidden and system files.
    Find the folder "Recycler"
    Open it and there should be two folders. One called NPROTECT and another labeled with a series of letters and numbers
    Double click it and the unerase wizard should pop up. Here is where you should be able to recover any deleterd files

    Get an external Hard drive and devote it to just the job of backing up your hard drive at least twice a week by schedule. Keep the hard drive pwered on at all times

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    ramage Guest

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    Thanks for the help.

    But when i follow your guide, the recycler folder is not to be seen. PNP, DIVTOOLS and DRIVERS are the hidden folders that are now visual. it is indeed xp. any suggestions?

    also, any idea why cache cleaner caused this?

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    ramage Guest

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    I can't believe this. It has got rid of everything contained within My Documents. It also deleted all my shortcuts to programs that were on my desktop.

    This is crazy though. This disaster happened after ZASS ran the cache cleaner.

    Has anyone else had this problem? This surely requires major attention.

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