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Thread: Are personal firewalls useful?

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    Default Are personal firewalls useful?

    Does anyone else follow There is an ongoing and interesting (but overheated) discussion raising the general question of: Does the average computer user benefit by installing a personal (software) firewall?


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    I have an opinion (of course).....and that is the an 'average' user does benefit from having a personal firewall. It is my view that 95% of all nasty infections occur because the user unknowingly allows nefarious programs into their machine via e-mail attachments, file sharing, or dangerous downloads. I don't think many infections occur because someone's machine is targeted by a hacker. If my belief is correct, then the Program Control feature found in Zone Alarm is a very valuable security feature even for the 'average' user. Trojans can't get out and viruses can't take over a program via 'open process' without first getting permission from the user. I know. I know. Some users will always click 'allow' no matter what, but for many, this is a valuable protection.

    There are other reasons as well, but for me, this is the main one.

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