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Thread: Date Modified of files (timestamp) not working

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    mastertech Guest

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    I have the exact same problem

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    mastertech Guest

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    henspace Guest

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    I can confirm this problem as well. I've been using the Netbeans IDE and found out yesterday that file updates in my CVS and backups were not up to date. The cause. Zone Alarm 6.5 resulted in the files' last date modified not being updated. As such the backup routines didn't think the files had changed.

    Interestingly I closed the security centre to disable the AV. The problem still remained. I could only stop the problem by uninstalling Zone Alarm completely.

    Problem remained in 65_714
    I've reverted to 61.744 and everything is fine.

    I'm a bit suprised that there appears to be no official response to this anywhere. If I hadn't noticed the problem I may not have found it until I needed to use my backups.

    OS: WIndows XP Home SP2

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    trparky Guest

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    Anyone brave enough to test if 6.5.714 fixes the File Modification Date issue? I don't feel like being the ZoneLabs "lab rat" this time around.

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    yarok Guest

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    6.5.722.000 works like magic.


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    trparky Guest

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    Care to comment on the TrueVector Driver crashes that have been reported by other users as well as the CHKDSK crash?

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    yarok Guest

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    Sorry, the only problem I had was the timestamp (Date Modified).

    The newest version (released yesterda9 solved it.


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    jasimon Guest

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    I have this exact problem as well. Timestamps not updating after updating Zone Alarm Pro. Naturally, I noticed this immediately because my Subversion source control would no longer work.

    After down-leveling to 61_744_001 the problem was resolved.

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    henspace Guest

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    This looks like it is now solved in 6.5.722


    Certainly okay with Netbeans for me now.

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