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Thread: ZAP blocks streaming Flash media...??

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    dummfraeg Guest

    Default ZAP blocks streaming Flash media...??

    Hi all..Let me explain the details quick. I
    m writing a full Flash website and want to include a streaming mp3 player I
    ve written. Momently the streaming of my mp3 files gets blocked by ZoneAlarm and even after downloading in complete - files are cached by browser after download - music won
    t play in InternetExplorer (works fine in Mozilla, Firefox..). "A moment" you may say, "this is a iE problem". That
    s what I thought first, but as soon as I deactivate ZAP everything works perfect. Another thing that gets blocked is something simple as a loader-bar. Having ZAP running, the loaderbar shows 0% until the whole movie is loaded, jumps to 100% and disappears. Somehow ZAP blocks a component of Flashplayer that needs percentual values I guess.Since a friend of mine (using the same version of ZAP) doesn
    t have any such problems, I know that it was probably me, that told ZAP to act like this and so I uninstalled ZAP and performed a clean new installation to get rid of the problem. Niente.. I
    m having the same problem still...My question is.. Does anyone know what process/component may be involved and needs to get unlocked in ZAP??? Also.. When uninstalling: Are there any settings saved anywhere that don
    t get uninstalled with the software and take effect after installing again??Just in case it
    s needed.. I
    m using WinXP pro SP2...I
    m appreciating any kind of help on this. Thank you !!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ZAP blocks streaming Flash media...??

    It is likely your Privacy settings causing the problem and specifically, your Mobile Code control. If it is on, turn off Mobile Code control, clean your cache and try again. If it is not on, turn off all your Main Privacy and see if it will work then.

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    dummfraeg Guest

    Default Re: ZAP blocks streaming Flash media...??

    Hi Bill..

    First of all let me thank you for the quick reply. It did in fact solve the problem. After turning off the entire "Privacy" module, the mentioned Flash effects behave like supposed again. I did take the time to extensively test all components/settings by themselve, but even just one - no matter which one I choosed - blocked all effects that need a percentual value for the load status of dynamically loaded, external content. Guess I rather leave "Privacy" deactivated and hope, that not too many visitors or clients use it on their machines.

    Comes a time when Flash will get rid of that "evil" aftertaste, so no one needs to block loaderbars the way it gets done today...

    I really appreciate your help on this!! Thank you

    Greetings from Germany, Dummfraeg

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