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Thread: Scan starts on each reboot

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    grouch Guest

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    Each time I start my computer ZA starts a full virus and then spyware scan of my hardrives. I'm running Security Suite v6.1.744.001I have set my automatic scan schedule set to start both at 7:30 AM once a week on Tuesdays. The scans finish. However, they automatically start again on Wed. and sucessive mornings or if I restart the computer at any time. It looks like ZA for some reason isn't storing the information that the scans have finished.It didn't always do this. I also now have a ZA minimized program showing on the taskbar in addtion to the normal icon in the systray. Nothing happens if I double click it. Right clicking does *not* show the normal options of "restore" or "maximize."Any ideas on how I canfix this?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    grouch Guest

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    Following myself up here...

    When posting the first message I had to choose the version of ZA I was using. Since I have autoupdate ineabled, I thought I was using the latest version, which was 6.1. Not so, as the version drop down box showed a 6.5. I downloaded and installed it. My mystery scanning seems to have stopped. I'll be able to tell more tomorrow morning, when I boot up on a different day.

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