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Thread: Three crashed computers

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    philiptheloser Guest

    Default Three crashed computers

    HI Everyone.
    I now have three out of five computers that can't even boot into safe mode.
    has anyone run a windows check disk since installing the latest 6.5 version?
    My computers run the check disk with no errors but then I get the blue screen of death on the subsequent reboot.
    The only common denominator is ZA 6.5
    Anyone else seen this??

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    tacticals Guest

    Default Re: Three crashed computers

    Spent the weekend re-installing after I upgraded Zone Alarm. Been there mate. First time EVER that I received the Blue Screen of Death. Couldn't recover in Safe Mode. It appeared the upgrade corrupted a number of critical OS files somehow (system required a CHKDSK to be run after I rebooted).

    Add that MAJOR inconvenience to other current hassle of MSN Messenger (plus a couple of other problems I have had in the past still not resolved), and my opinion of ZA has just went SOUTH. Piece of **bleep** comes to mind.X-( Add absolute silence from the company and you have a riot in the making.

    Now what would have been worst, a virus attack or this bloody upgrade?

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    philiptheloser Guest

    Default Re: Three crashed computers

    I totally agree. This thing should be pulled from distribution.
    There are probably a lot of less computer savvy people out there that this would be disasterous for.
    I'm switching.

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    trparky Guest

    Default Re: Three crashed computers

    For me, 6.1 is the most stable version. An old phrase comes to mind..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    Seems to me that ZoneLabs is adding everything under the sun to this package. As far as I'm concerned, I turned to ZoneLabs when Norton began doing the same things that ZoneLabs is doing now. D*mn it, we don't need bloat! We need a lean firewall that protects machine and doesn't require a dual-core CPU to run it!

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