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    olivers Guest

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    For some reason I find myself unable to post a followup on the thread titled "Support" that I created this morning, so I'm starting an additional thread. Is this a problem in the forum software or was the thread closed for some reason?

    Let me say a number of things related to the support question I was asking and the reply I got:

    - The administrator's reply, which accused me of posting false information about support services, sounds much more like an overreaction to me than my own original post, however often I reread both. My own post was essentially asking a question about support services, it wasn't stating any facts at all apart from the one that I had not been able to find the services I was looking for.

    - That aside, thanks for the pointer to the instant support. If you are interested in feedback, let me tell you that I didn't find it on my own for two reasons: (1) it was not what I was looking for, an email address would have been closer to what I was expecting and (2) it's listed under "Customer service", right under entries like "Customer service home" and "Login to my account". I'm not yet a customer, so I didn't feel this section applied to me and I guess I stopped reading before I actually got to the entry.

    - A little while after I posted my question in the forum, I actually had another look around your site and I found the instant support option. I started it and left it after seeing that it was an automated system, because I assumed that such a system wouldn't be able to answer my question about future plans for Vista anyway. I didn't see any information anywhere that I would be able to send an email in the end.

    - I took the time now to work my way through the system and I didn't find it easy. First, as I was expecting, it didn't answer my question. But I had to click the "this is not what I want" link a number of times before I finally found the email option you were mentioning.

    Finally let me say that I personally would much prefer to have a real email contact. I don't mean a web form - I like to be able to shoot an email to **bleep** or some such thing when I have a problem. This has the major advantage for me that the mail will be archived in my own mailbox, I don't have to enter my name manually, and so forth - I understand your point of view, just trying to give feedback about a customer's viewpoint.

    This message is not meant as negative criticism - you have a certain system in place and I'm sure there are good reasons for it. I'm also sure it can be improved and I'm trying to give you the feedback you need to assess what your users think about your support system. I don't really expect a reply to this - but of course feel free if you want to. Please also be aware that it does rub me the wrong way to find that I'm being scolded by an administrator for allegedly posting false information, and finding the thread closed at the same time so I can't reply - I'm not that kind of troll, and I don't see why you would have a reason to think I am.

    Thanks again,

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    samlar Guest

    Default Re: Support, followup

    Most would prefer a email contact rather than a form but most companies and or sites do not want to do that. With the form they can limit the size or your email along with other things so emails like the one you wrote above would be to large to send to them.

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