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Thread: Does Zone Alarm Pro lock HOSTS file

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    jcimarron Guest

    Default Does Zone Alarm Pro lock HOSTS file

    Does the most recent version of ZA Pro automatically lock the HOSTS file as ZA free does?See yes, is there any fix better than the one in the above thread? Is Zone Labs working to fix this?

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    guffee Guest

    Default Re: Does Zone Alarm Pro lock HOSTS file

    I have the same problem with ZAPro v6.5.722.000. (It may have begun with ZAPro v6.5.714.000, which I received and installed only 3 days earlier.)

    I use "HostsMan" (instead of Spybot) to keep my Hosts file updated, and ZAPro (v6.5.722.000)prevents HostsMan from doing its job.

    I hope Zonelabs takes note.

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Does Zone Alarm Pro lock HOSTS file

    Global OS Firewall Settings
    There are now some global OS Firewall settings, see this reply

    I think with the free version, they forgot to disable the above options from taking effect. But of course, with the free version you can't get to them.

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    jcimarron Guest

    Default Re: Does Zone Alarm Pro lock HOSTS file

    Until ZoneAlarm issues a fixed version, the answer, though not too satisfactory, is

    1) Use theworkaround mentioned in my first post, or

    2) Start the PC in SafeMode before changing the HOSTS file, or

    3) Disconnect the connection to the Internet, Start|Run|type msconfig|OK|Startup tab|uncheck boxes related to ZoneAlarm| (like zlclient.exe)| Reboot. Now make the changes to the HOSTS file. Go back to msconfig and check the ZA boxes again. Reconnect to the internet.

    Making changes to msconfig will cause Windows to produce a slightly obtuse message on Reboot. Ignore it. Just check the box at the bottom left|OK.

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