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    pointman Guest

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    Please consider the following for an information purpose only. I do not make any guarantees that what worked for me, will work for you. As a Systems Engineer for almost ten years, I would like to consider myself accustomed to the technical world as it may be. For that reason, and up until today, I can say that I always took precautions when installing new software by running dual systems in identical environments. Today, I was too trustworthy of ZoneAlarm. :0 But, I believe I have discovered a solution and so I had to register to post and bring you what I got!

    I run a DELL Latitude C810 as my "test box" and backup machine. No weird software is installed other than Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Norton SystemWorks 2005. I run a Precision 360 with all the bells and whistles (and, as my laptop, the very latest updates for my XP SP2 are done everyday like clockwork) as my production machine. This system runs AVG Free as my antivirus solution and Windows Defender. ZoneAlarm is the exclusive firewall on both machines.

    As you can imagine, today I upgraded to the very latest and greatest ZoneAlarm 6.5 on both machines. I am sure you can guess, I immediately received the dreaded Blue Screen of Death or BSOD as we call in the technical arena. However, here is the kicker. I am writing this email from my laptop, the machine that did not seem to experience any adverse affects. Weird.

    Therefore, I researched and I researched for almost two hours -- wasting the time I could have been playing Party Poker. I was not happy.

    My symptoms:

    Upon upgrading ZA 6.1 to 6.5 I rebooted

    Received BSOD exactly as:

    STOP 0x00000071 {0x0000000, 0x00000000, 0x0000000, 0x00000000} SESSION5_INITIALIZATION_FAILED

    Attempted to reboot into Safe Mode (with and without Networking) to no avail -- PC just rebooted again into continuous loop

    Further troubleshooting articles advised me to replace ntdll.dll and/or ntoskrnl.dll via the Recovery Console but I did not think this would help. Another article told me to disable my non-fixed drives (e.g. CD-ROMs). I attempted but this did not help plus it would take 30 minutes just to boot into the RC. Another told me to uninstall ZA how the heck can you do this if you can t boot the OS! Some people! ;-) X-( And yet another article advised readers to run scandisk. C mon now.

    That said, I went to my own troubleshooting regimen. I rebooted the machine to the boot menu. This is done by pressing F12 at the very first boot (POST) screen. I then chose "Boot to Last Known Good Configuration. Voila! I was able to boot up fine. I cannot take the credit for this resolution if it works for you however because I just read another post which someone had mentioned it as well. Kudos.

    However, as any good tech-ee (not to be confused with Trek-ee) would do, I wanted to know why my laptop worked and my desktop did not. Well I couldn't come up with much but I hope that with what I did come up with, it will help the programming team at ZA who is punching keys like mad right about now.

    I noticed thatthe file sizes of my ntoskrnl.exe files did not match. My laptop reads as 2,179,328 bytes while my desktop is 2,135,522 bytes. Yet, the file versions are exactly the same. Hmmmm...

    If you're lucky enough to be reading this prior to your upgrading nightmare, my professional opinion would be to hold off for a couple weeks. If you're reading this from the dark side, my sympathies are with you -- troubleshooting stuff like this **bleep**s hardcore. But, trust me when I say that the entire development team at ZoneLabs is working pretty hard to get this issue resolved. And, if you know code (trust me, you don't want to), there are literally millions of lines of programming code to sift through before everything is "kosher". I will say though, this is quite the ginormous bug to have with a piece of software having the reputation that it does.

    That is all for now -- hopefully this can help someone out there! :8}

    Off to play POKER! J

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    britneyluvr Guest

    Default Re: BSOD Possible Resolution

    1) I'm surprised it even tried to install if you had NSW. Most security suites gate against each other to prevent problems such as you are describing here.

    2) The startup CHKDSK problem is a known issue they are working on.

    3) Oh, and the file size/date issue as well. The current version is overzealous in its protection, and is blocking a hook call to update the attributes of the file.

    Message Edited by BritneyLuvr on 06-21-2006 06:27 AM

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    pointman Guest

    Default Re: BSOD Possible Resolution

    I only use the AV portion of NSW.

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    gmanson Guest

    Default Re: BSOD Possible Resolution

    zlsSetup_55_094_000 was the version i upgraded from or the version mentioned above and got the same thing. Ive been a teche myself and have gone through 100s if not thousands myself and been studying them so for maybe almost 3 years I would say and Haven been doing this stuuf with computers for 11 or 13 years and codes or not an easy task. Many can confuse or trick you by not paying attention to a byte or a digit you get it wrong which I sent an e-mail through my survey to test it for like about a month before being released and it appears to me that this is a leak of code for the update driver b/c when i try ro update it automatically it doesnt update which could be the cause of the memory leak or the updated driver or code for the program I will keep it installed however for a short while but if it isnt fixed Im recommending to all my customers and friends to take it off in the furture. I would say that would be a couple hundred if not more.

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    pointman Guest

    Default Re: BSOD Possible Resolution

    I didn't understand a word you just said buddy.

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    gmanson Guest

    Default Re: BSOD Possible Resolution

    I know most ppl dont. I operiate on a quick thinking high level.

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    dlorde Guest

    Default Re: BSOD Possible Resolution

    But you post on a gibberish level...

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    gmanson Guest

    Default Re: BSOD Possible Resolution

    Heh whatever.

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    gmanson Guest

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    When will the problem be fixed. I would desperately like to do a chkdsk and fix my network.

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