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Thread: ZA Pro and Raxco Perfect Disk

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    oldmtnman Guest

    Default ZA Pro and Raxco Perfect Disk

    ZA Pro update 65 714 000 keeps Perfect Disk boot time defrag from running. The current fix ZA Pro fix (65 722 000) was supposed to fix this problem. All it does is cause a different error message to be displayed before by passing Perfect Disk's boot time defrag and booting directly into Windows. I have not tried the work around from Raxco for the initial ZA Pro 65 714 000 upgradeto see if it works on the new fix (65 722 000). Even if it does, the real issue is that ZA Pro should come out with a fix which permits Perfect Disk to run on boot up.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    ghayes Guest

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    It's considered rather a "no-no" for a kernal mode driver that loads when srescan loads to open a file like it does on the drive. My understanding is that with Windows Vista, drivers that do this will cause Vista to bug-check - one way to ensure that software vendors write their drivers correctly . Supposidely, the driver verifier for Vista will catch things like this...Regards,- Greg/Raxco Software
    Microsoft MVP - Windows File SystemsDisclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag utility, as a systems engineer in the support department.

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    oldmtnman Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro and Raxco Perfect Disk

    Greg, Not sure whether you are faulting ZoneLabs or your own company (Raxco). Could you clarify?

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    ghayes Guest

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    Zone Labs. -

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    nwarp Guest

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    I have tried the Raxco Perfect Disk work around without success. I have mailed Raxco about the failure and am waiting for a reply. This is the only problemI've encountered with the ZAP update.

    Regards from Down Under

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    evvivame Guest

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    I use ZA v6.5.725 and befor the followed change i don't make Offline defrag : now run ok !!
    1. <LI>Right mouse click on My Computer and select Manage</LI><LI>Click on Device Manager</LI><LI>Click View and then select Show Hidden Devices</LI><LI>Click View and then select Devices by Connection</LI><LI>Scroll down until you see srescan </LI><LI>Right mouse click on srescan and select Disable. Click Yes to confirm disabling of this device</LI><LI>Windows will prompt you to reboot. Select Reboot Later</LI><LI>Perform a boot time defragmentation pass with PerfectDisk</LI><LI>After the boot time defrag has completed and Windows has restarted, re-enable srescan by following the above instructions and selecting Enable</LI>

    Luciana i can't Enable (see point 9)

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