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Thread: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

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    cherokeekid Guest

    Default Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    Well, I'm glad to see ( feel sorry for others) it'snot justmy system it ruined! I thought my PC had an infection, or worse? Someone there at Zone Labs needs to take Version 6.5 off until it is checked. I don't know whogives the OK for releases, but he or she needs to go through what I have a few times. Then maybe they wouldn't be so eager to release a version that completely ruins acustomers machine.As far as I'm concerned I would like a refund ( still have over 325 days ) for the time left. What a"bloated" piece of junk software. Finally got back to version 6.1 after time spentwhich was valuable to me! Thanks A Lot.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    hurner Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    You are perfectly correct.

    6.5 Zone Alarm Pro is a shame.

    I have been told there are more reliable alternatives.

    Will scrutinize that as Zone Alarm is now really ..... (just to be polite).


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    beocom1600 Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    Zone Alarm Pro 6.5.722.000 block my internet connection, so i will wait to they have fixed all the bugs in the neweste version. I don`t know if it`s possible to get a refund? but i do still have 215 days left of my 1 years subscription.

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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    dieselme Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    im having a similar problem, does anyone notice the TrueVector service automatically comes to a halt,

    then the big red X appears in the taskbar -- when you place your mouse over it, it says the TrueVector service isnt running

    What The?!.... and when you open Zone Alarm, it says System Error, Please Restart..

    i have never encountered this before? i think theres a few bugs that needs to be ironed out before 6.5 should be released.

    Anyone experiencing this type of issue?

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    hakobo Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    I fully I upgraded my ZA Security Suite to 6.5 and was horrible. My msn was messing up, system slow down for NO reason. So I thought "OK ill just put the old one back on" HAHA yea no ZA kicked me in the gonads and said "HA error what now huh WHAT NOW you cant install me!" so I had to reinstall windows and install the good old ZA. So yea Zone Labs please fix the issues with your software before releasing.

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    roadtrip Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    I haven't experienced any of the afore mentioned problems yet, (knock on wood), but I have experienced other problems since downloading 6.5. Some of my programs that ran just fine prior to downloading 6.5 will not run unless I disable ZA. I even got the infamous windows error, "windows has encountered a problem and must be shut down. Sorry about your luck, etc. etc." while running WINDOWS DEFRAG!. I can't figure that one out, but after dsabling ZA, it ran fine, as with the other programs. Gotta be a major glich with ZA 6.5 going on here!!!

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    schwit Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    I too get the red box with the yellow X, which started with v6.5.x. Telling people to do a non-upgrade install is unrealistic. I've been tweaking my settings for over a year. If that's ZA's only answer then maybe a competitive product would be a better solution.

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    eagle1 Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    What a shame! I thought this was the best and easiest to use firewall. Now it looks like you are going in the same direction Norton went.
    I have changed the settings to allow Ewido, and Trillian in os firewall, but it still asks if I want to allow it. I want a firewall that works for me without the annoying features in the latest upgrade. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

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    cubsfanindiana Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade 6.5? DON'T

    I think Zonelabs might had felt pressured to send a new release out before the official summer season started. I do like the site blocking and the new identity protection pages a lot. I would say the free ZA is probably the best route for casual internet enthusiasts to tinker with before jumping onto the paid versions. My dad had ZASS on his system and somehow it was messing up with his wireless network. He had a friend install another antivirus/firewall system and it works fine now. I'm still happy to have ZA Pro and it seems to do a good job.

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