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Thread: Can not launch program

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    zhuyu Guest

    Default Can not launch program

    After I setup the ZoneAlarm security suit and rebot the system, I can not launch the program. It saids I don't have enough right to launch the program, but I'm the Adiministrator. I'm using Windows Xp Pro (Chinese). Why I can't launch it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    jafmailbr Guest

    Default Re: Can not launch program

    I had the same problem, after installing version 6.5.722.000.
    It happens, always, when I log off and log in again. Apparently, in the new login, the client starts a new session (in the task manager, there are two versions of zclient.exe running). But the icon, in the notification bar, is not visible. Besides, the firewall doesn
    t work, despite zclient.exe is shown in the task manager. So, before I noticed the problem, I tried to start it manually from start menu. Then, the message you said appeared.
    But, when I shutdown the program before logging off, it starts normally in the new login.

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    mackopru Guest

    Default Re: Can not launch program


    How you shutdown the program? I can't do this - access denied.

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    jkrabbenbos Guest

    Default Re: Can not launch program

    I have the same problem: after installing the new update (zlsSetup_65_722_000_en.exe) it blocks all network access. If I try to start through the menu, I get the error message that it does not have enough rights to do anything. Even after Microsoft security updates it did not work. I installed it and installed the previous version.


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    osakasan Guest

    Default Re: Can not launch program

    Having the excact same problem, running in process but i cant shut it down.
    Cant open it in the folder because i dont have the privileges.
    Yes im the admin



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    louism Guest

    Default Re: Can not launch program

    Exact same problem here.

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    kuhbcrd Guest

    Default Re: Can not launch program

    same here. cannot use the old version as i have now a new comp with XP sp2 that Blues the screen each time i finish the installation with the old Zone Im locked with this new version that doesnt work. haha

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