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    To the web developers,What do I do to not unblock my images in /images folder of my site other than turning off the "header blocking" feature of zonealarm. Some of the web developer community, think that this feature of zonealarm is an overkill!Some of my sites which are hosted at (free and without banners) do not load correctly using zonealarm's DEFAULT settings. I'm sure not all users will take the time to tweak their security settings just to load the images from the website, unfortunately, they just tend to ignore the website and that means, less marketing on the part of the developer. All because of this OVERKILL feature of zonealarm...

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    The private header feature suppresses the Referer header which may be required by your hosting company to verify that requests for images only come from a browser that has previously accessed your homepage.

    The referrer blocking used to only occur for requests that crossed domains, but due to PCFlank's tests for the referrer header being all on the same domain and therefore users here complaining that the referrer blocking was not working, they changed it to block referrers always, not just for cross domain requests.

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