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Thread: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

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    stormwarning Guest

    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    I've not been able to see the folder(s) you write about. My hard drive has lost another 1/2 gig since this morning.

    How do I stop this?

    WOuld doing a clean uninstall and then reinstalling the previous version ge rid of all of the .RDB files, even if I can't see or find them?

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    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    How to gain access to the system volume information folder:, you must not delete individual files or restore points, as the restore pointsare sequential like links in a chainand you will break the chain if you delete anything in there manually. Best is to use disk cleanup to clear all but the most recent restore point. If you wish, after reinstalling older version of ZA create a fresh restore point so that becomes the kept most recent one.

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    rboltuck Guest

    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    Exactly the same problem here -- I had discovered the symptoms referred above, even posted an earlier message to this board inquiring about bu_todelete.RDB files stuffing Norton Unerase every few minutes (but no one responded to it). Disk fragments 20 to 30% every few hours and available disk space declines by several GBs. I noticed the major fragmented files were .RDB files in SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION, and then examined the folder to find hundreds of deleted RDB files.

    This is REALLY BAD BEHAVIOR by ZA. For the moment I have turned off system recover, and I'll see to what extent that helps.

    Question 1: What is the last GOOD version of ZA to reinstall?

    Question 2: Where do I find the old version (either on the ZA site or, or somewhere else)?

    Question 3: When will ZA fix this problem with a new release of the free ZA? Why hasn't it done so already?

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    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    Older versions of ZA free: new version is promised soonthough that is explicitlysupposed to fix the IE home page lock and hosts file lock bug, don't know if it will also fix the multiple files added to system restore points. patch to 6.5. 731 is apparently already available in Spanish, so other languages should follow soon.

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    backtothefuture Guest

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    I want to thank everyone for these posts and replies, and especially, the originator of this thread (relayerman).

    This past week, I have spent 3 sessions on the phone with Microsoft after paying $35 for support (totaling over 11 hours on the phone) trying to straighten out my system restore. After 3 days of keeping tabs on my system, I realized that my hard drive was down 3.5 gigs.

    Microsoft said it was probably a virus. They told me my next step was to re-install the OS (win xp pro).

    I found your forum thread by googling, and the rest is history. I was using FREE za6.5.722. I've now reverted back to za6.1.744.001.

    The faulty version was creating 4mb RDB files every couple of minutes. After a while, the system restore RP folders would be maxed out and automatically delete, losing that restore point.

    Now with FREE za6.1.744.001, I've not seen any NEW RDB files created in my new restore point. Hopefully they are not being created and hiding somewhere else. I don't think they are, as my total disk free space is remaining stable. There are still a few RDB files being created, but they are HOURS apart instead of MINUTES apart.

    Thanks again to all. Hopefully ZA will correct this problem in future versions.


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    nhoeller Guest

    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    I sent a letter to ZoneLabs on July 24th about the slow resolution of this issue and another problem with current releases of ZoneAlarm (instability in vsmon). So far, no response.

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    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    You can avoid the multiple .rdb files in system restore points with ZA free by a simple registry edit, which tells system restore not to include the file backup.rdb, which is the one that ZA is repeatedly rewriting.Use regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\BackupRestore\FilesNotToBackupIn the right pane, right click, click new, string value. rename the value to anything you like (I called it Internet log, or you could call it ZABackup).Right click on it click modify and set the data to C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs\backup.rdbZA will still update backup.rdb, but the changes are not stored in the restore point.See discussion in this thread:

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    jjbtnc Guest

    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    has this been fixed in 7.0302 ?

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    piranhapete Guest

    Default Re: ZA Free bloats System Restore - Beware

    V7.0.362 and 7.0.408 both hang when antivirus scan gets to C:\ System Volume Information \tracking.log
    ZASS has caused me more pain than every other program I have ever used. ZA is a virus unto itself!The internet seems to be awash with snake oil salesman. Who do you believe when choosing another Security Suite.

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    Hi!Have you tried to reset your SVI?By both turn it off and reduce its space to zero to wipe out any corruption...Or simply deselect it from the "scan targets" under the advanced option of the antivirus/antispyware tabCheers,Fax

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