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    xangelox Guest

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    When I initially connect to the Internet there is no problem. When my ISP disconnects me or the line is disconnected, when trying to reconnect, I am able to but i cannot surf the web nor can i download anything. I notice that in the Adapters area of ZA there is the PPP Adapter that was previously used and the new one which has the new IP address (now there are two). I am unable to delete/disable the PPP adapter that is causing the problem. The only way is to reboot the pc and reconnect then for the first time.I only have a dial up connection running Win XPProSP2. The problem lies when i try to download overnight or all the time, my ISP disconnects me after a few hours and when it automatically redials, ZA creates the problem with the PPP adapter causing me to have to reboot. Does anyone know how to fix this or why this problem exists? Your help is appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    setiamon Guest

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    I had a whole host of problems like this since 6.5

    Infact in network configuration it switchd the type from ppp to slip!then it worked then later i got all kinds of error connecting till finally my dialup connection would just disappear at the last steps of connecting,no error message or anything

    also sometimes none of my taskbars would load up or even the taskbar on the bottom would load up white(i'm using xp,blue)

    So then i finally gave up and did a clean uninstall and installed 6.1 for now and the support e-mail just says is a configuration problem so i said shuuuuuure it is and i'm sitting on it till they release a new completly fixed version.

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