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Thread: zlsSetup_65_722_000_en will not delete from my desktop!!!!!!!

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    linduriel Guest

    Default zlsSetup_65_722_000_en will not delete from my desktop!!!!!!!

    I downloaded the latest update for Zone Alarm, and I got this wonderful icon on my desktop. It would not install the update, because nothing would open it. So I uninstalled ZA, and reinstalled. This icon is still on my desktop and I cannot get it to delete!!!! It says that another program or person is using it. I disconnected the internet, tried to find it on task manager, shutdown ZA and any other running programs to try to get it to delete, but nothing works. Any ideas folks? ZoneAlarm version:6.5.722.000
    TrueVector version:6.5.722.000
    Driver version:6.5.722.000

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    millermia Guest

    Default Re: zlsSetup_65_722_000_en will not delete from my desktop!!!!!!!

    Have you tried shutting down and restarting your computer. Typically, after rebooting the computer, the share violation will go away and you should be able to delete the icon/file from your Windows desktop.

    If rebooting the computer does not resolve the problem, then I suggest booting the computer into Safe Mode, which should allow you to delete the icon/file.

    If you have never booted your computer into Safe Mode, follow the instructions below...

    1. Shutdown your computer.
    2. Wait for at least 10 seconds.
    3. Turn the computer back on and immediately start pressing the F8 function key (located at the top of your keyboard) rapidly, about twice per second. The F8-key MUST be pressed prior to seeing the Windows logo screen.
    4. If you pressed the F8-key in time, you should see a system boot menu appear on the screen. If instead the computer boots into Windows, you must wait for the boot cycle to complete and then repeat steps #1 - #4 making certain to press F8 intermittently as soon as the computer starts to boot. When you have reached the system boot menu, continue with step #5 below.
    5. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the "Safe Mode" option and then press ENTER. There will be three Safe Mode options listed. You will want to pick the one that simply states "Safe Mode".
    6. If you are using Windows XP, the next screen will prompt you to select your particular version of Windows XP. There should only be one Windows XP version listed (unless you are running a multi-boot configuration). Simply press the ENTER-key to select your version of Windows XP.
    7. The screen will then flash a few times as it loads the generic drivers for "Safe Mode".
    8. You will then see the "Welcome" login screen with all user login IDs listed along with an Administrator ID. Select the login ID that you would typically use on a day-to-day basis. Do NOT select the Administrator ID. The screen will be set to a lower resolution possibly making it difficult to select your login ID. You may need to use the TAB-key or the arrow keys on your keyboard to maneuver through the "Welcome" screen, highlighting your login ID and then utilizing your mouse or the ENTER-key to select it.
    9. When Windows finally boots into "Safe Mode", a warning prompt will appear stating that you are in Windows Safe Mode, telling you that it is used for troubleshooting purposes, and are you certain that you want to be in "Safe Mode"? Simply click on the YES or OK button.
    10. You will see the words "Safe Mode" in each of the four corners on your screen. Remember, the screen will be set to a lower resolution and color palette, thus making everything look HUGE and UGLY.
    11. "Safe Mode" should allow you to delete the problematic icon/file from your main desktop screen.
    12. Once you are finished with "Safe Mode", simply shutdown restart the computer and Windows will automatically boot into its "normal" mode.

    I hope that this helps? Take care!

    M. Miller

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    linduriel Guest

    Default Re: zlsSetup_65_722_000_en will not delete from my desktop!!!!!!!

    Well, I took your advice, restarted in safe mode, and tried to delete. I still got the same error message in safe I appreciate your feedback. Can you think of anything else I can do? This is way too weird. I'll ask in school next week, because I do go to a computer college...hehe. I just thought I would give Zone Alarm a chance to figure it out first. Thank you! Holly

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