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Thread: ZA security suite 6.5.725.000 ??

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    stargate85 Guest

    Default ZA security suite 6.5.725.000 ??


    why has the german ZA security suite version 725 and de english 722 ? what is the different??

    ans when i restart my PC the ZA window is in the classic styl and not the XP after a restart of zonealarm it is in the XP look..

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    stargate85 Guest

    Default Re: ZA security suite 6.5.725.000 ??


    ok i have reinstall the security suite and this has solve my problem, now i have no problems all works fine,great job zonelabs..

    but i don`t know what is the different between the german 725 version and the englisch 722 version??

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: ZA security suite 6.5.725.000 ??

    The 725 version comes with the newer anti-spyware engine. This new engine fixes a problem with a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) appearing after running CHKDSK, as well as some other problems.

    Version 722 doesn't contain this new engine, but will update it's engine as soon as it is able to connect.

    Zone Labs thought that an automatic update was the quickest way to fix the problems with the English version, but as the other language versions hadn't yet been relased, they included the updated anti-spyware engine in them.

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