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Thread: Continuing to use Zone Alarm 5

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    waldtest Guest

    Default Continuing to use Zone Alarm 5

    Zone Alarm 6 is incompatible with the Laplink, the remote control software I use. While I can upgrade to ZA 6, I am currentlly using ZoneAlarm 5.05.094.

    Can anyone comment on:
    1) What precisely I'm giving up in security by not using version 6 of ZoneAlarm.
    2) What the last make of version 5 of ZoneAlarm is, and where/whether it's availble on the web.


    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.x

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Continuing to use Zone Alarm 5

    If you want previous versions of ZAp you can find them here. . The Zone Alarm version 6.0 added these features:
    [*]Wireless Security Protection [*]Anti-Spyware (detection and prevention) [*]Triple Defense Firewall (Network firewall, operating system firewall, program firewall) [*]Automatic kill control (disables malicious programs)

    The basic firewall including Program Control, Mail Safe, and ID Lock features did not change. While I do believe the added features are good, I also like the last version 5.5 and still use it on one of my computers. Hope this helps.

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    waldtest Guest

    Default Re: Continuing to use Zone Alarm 5

    Thanks, Bill.

    My employer makes webroot spybot available to me, and I've put all my computers behind routers, although I do need to open several ports for Laplink, so it sounds like continuing to use version 5.5 is reasonable.


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