Yes, that's the problem and because of that I can't open the ZA Control Center.

"Hide inactive icons" option is unticked from "Taskbar and Start menu properties" so that's not the case. I'm using the latest version of ZoneAlarm firewall version 6.5.722.000. I've tried re-installing and everything runs fine but after a few XP startup's I notice that ZA's Control Center is missing from taskbar notification area.

I've had no such problem with ZA firewall until now. I've tried Sysinternal's rootkit revealer and my machine seems to be clean. I've also scanned my machine with Avast antivirus and it found nothing. I've tested my firewall with port scan when the Control Center icon is missing and the firewall is working ok as the security test cannot connect to my machine.

At this moment there are three processes running which I think have something to do with ZA:
vsmon.exe 18904 kt
zlclient.exe 7932 kt
zlclient.exe 56 kt

A few moments ago there was only one zlclient.exe running and now there's two of them. Is it normal that there are two zlclient.exe's running? How can I start the ZA Control Panel if it's missing?


Win Xp home (all patches installed)
ZA firewall
Avast antivirus

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.5