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Thread: Incoming shows 'accepted' ... Action Taken shows 'blocked' ...????

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    2harts4ever Guest

    Default Incoming shows 'accepted' ... Action Taken shows 'blocked' ...????

    Good evening,

    When I go to my 'Alerts and Logs' page after signing on and check out 'Programs' I always find two entries for ''.

    Under the 'Direction' heading it shows 'incoming (accept)'. However, in the next column under 'Action Taken' it shows them both as 'blocked'.

    Is ZA telling me it is accepting it or blocking it?

    Could someone please explain this to me?

    Thanks and regards,


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    joao_pt Guest

    Default Re: Incoming shows 'accepted' ... Action Taken shows 'blocked' ...????

    Answering to your questions:
    - is a time server. Cick on your computer clock and you should find a syncronization tab. If a box is ticked, that means that once a day (dependign on the settings you have) your computer will connect to that server to get the current time, and correct your computer clock according to that info. This allows your computer to have the exact time, not one second less nor more...

    - ZA is blocking that connection (unfortunnaly), so the syncronization never completes. Because of I was always having that alerts, I just unticked the box (allow syncronization in the clock settings) so that my computer isn't syncronized;

    Conclusion: if you want to stop that alerts and have your computer syncronized, the solution is, maybe, click on that alert and add to the trusted zone*. I haven't done this because I don't want any security breaches on my computer, but if you want your computer clock syncronized you can do that... Or just untick the box (in the clock) without any further problems, it's your choice...

    * I'm 90% sure that this will work, but can't garantee it. Maybe someone with more understandings can help you...

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    2harts4ever Guest

    Default Re: Incoming shows 'accepted' ... Action Taken shows 'blocked' ...????

    Morning Joao_PT,

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer and providing me with your very informative information.

    I will follow your suggestion and just untick the 'synchronization tab' in the clock setting since ZA is blocking this function anyway.

    Thanks and have a great day!



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