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Thread: Conflict with IE7 Beta 3

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    Default Conflict with IE7 Beta 3

    After installing Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, ZoneAlarm failed to start (Though I am sure some services were active) and also prevented internet connection.

    What happened:
    Unistalled IE7 Beta 2 (restart)
    Installed IE7 Beta 3 (failed) - Internet connection got broken
    Shut down all resident programs - ZoneAlarm was not available on task bar - Uninstalled (restart)
    Successfully installed IE7 Beta 3 (restart)
    Downloaded latest version of ZoneAlarm (Free version)
    Successfully installed ZoneAlarm (restart)
    ZoneAlarm failed to start
    Internet connection broken
    Had to uninstall ZoneAlarm again in order to restore internet connection
    Now using Windows firewall

    Operating system: Windows XP SP2 all recent updates are installed.

    This is a kind feedback for ZoneAlarm technicians...

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Conflict with IE7 Beta 3

    As you found out, to install IE 7 beta you must first clean uninstall ZA fee This is because with ZA free services loaded (hence just shutting it down is not sufficient), it prevents IE 7 beta install from changing the data of the Start Page value at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main. ZA free6.5.xxxclean unistalled, I used the XP firewall during IE 7 beta install (it requires internet connection during install).However, on my system,after successfully installing IE 7 beta 3 then reinstalling ZA free, I did not observe any internet connection problems and ZA free 6.5.xxxstarted normally. I have reverted to ZA free 6.1.744.001 for other reasons.XP SP2 home, all updates, IE 7 beta 3, ZA free 6.1.744.001.PS I've just noticed that in the IE 7 beta 3 release notes they've added:Zone Alarm--Zone Alarm users with 6.5.700 need to uninstall Zone Alarms prior to installing IE 7 Beta 3. Users with 6.1.744 are not impacted

    actually that applies to all 6.5 xxx versions to date.

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