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Thread: does ZA work OK with Windows MCE 2005 ?

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    johnnybob Guest

    Default does ZA work OK with Windows MCE 2005 ?

    I've looked but can't find any mentionin the ZA specs about Windows Media Center Edition 2005. So does ZA work OK with it, or not?

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    markporter Guest

    Default Re: does ZA work OK with Windows MCE 2005 ?

    I've just installed ZA Internet Security Suite V. 7 on a Sony Vaio Media Center Edition PC. It works...but it took several installs to get it right. And, disturbingly, it appears to lose the video controller when the computer either goes into standby or otherwise is unused for a while. To clarify, this particular MCE PC does not have a VGA video port, only component or HDMI output. And, unfortunately, my TV only has component input. Sony, in their documentation, specifies that for certain functions, it is necessary to connect the PC to the HDMI output in order to ensure operation...I may be running into that.

    However, the PC originally came with Norton installed and it worked well with that. So clearly there is some interaction between Zonealarm and the video drivers...and I will be pushing ZA support to identify what this is...because so far, they have not told me outright that MCE is unsupported...because, if it is, I will go back to Norton and end this madness.

    So, this may not be useful to you...but that's what I know as of 1/2007...

    I'd love to hear from others using ZA and Windows MCE...

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    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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