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Thread: Upgrading from ZA free to ZA pro

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    keithbeyer Guest

    Default Upgrading from ZA free to ZA pro

    I've been using ZA free for a couple of years and I'm ready to upgrade to ZA pro. Questions -1- Does ZA pro install over ZA free or will I need to uninstall ZA free before installing ZA pro?2- Will I have to go through the series of pop-up promps asking which programs are allowed again?3- Will ZA pro get along with my AVG free? Thanks - Keith

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Upgrading from ZA free to ZA pro

    1) ZA (free) is basically the same as ZA Pro, just with the additional features turned off. So when you buy your ZA Pro license, all you need to do is to key your license key into ZA by goingto the "Overview" section of ZA, then go to the"Product Info" tab. Click the "Change Lic." button and follow the instructions to input your license key. ZA will automatically recognise it and convert your ZA (free0 to ZA Pro.

    2) No you wouldn't if you do not uninstall.

    3) Yes ZA Pro will get along with most (if not all) AVs. Only the AV Monitoring will detect that no AV is installed since AVG is not recognised by ZA at the moment (you'd probably know about this since you had ZA Free). All you need to do is to just turn off the feature.

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    keithbeyer Guest

    Default Re: Upgrading from ZA free to ZA pro

    Thank you very much for the information. It will make my transition to ZA pro much easier - Keith

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