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Thread: Security Suites and Connection Speed

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    I've a question for those of you who have actually tried security suites (i.e. ZA SS 6, F-Secure SS, Norton ISS and so forth). While the integration of the whole package of apps (i.e. AV, Anti-spyware, firewall and so forth) has both advantages and disadvantages (and I appreciate the view of separating these apps)... I'm curious about the drag on the system and the slowing down of connection speeds. It "seems to me" that while trialing the new security suite from ZA, my speeds have slowed by at least a 1/3. This may be simply a perception or it may be real. Any comments?

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    Hmmm... this is my second message in two days and not a single response. I'm tempted to conclude that the tech support wouldn't be much better than the forum support so why pay $50 for a product and receive no support if you require it? My download times seem to be longer and that makes me conclude that ZA Security Suite is hogging resources. That being the case, I'll uninstall it and try another product. Thanks for all the feedback, folks.

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    Hey, this is a user forum. We are here voluntarily and well, aren't here all the time.

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    So, thanks for all your help. I find it hard to believe that you take the time to post a ridiculous slap on the wrist and not even address the issue. Thanks for nothing.

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    Well, anyway. Firewalls block stuff going in and out of your connection so it will impact your connection in some way. Just depends on how much is blocked. I don't know what your system is like so I can't really say.As for system resources used, it's the penalty for installing security software. In this respect ZA is pretty good compared to other commercial alternatives.

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