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Thread: Wrong licence status and registration info

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    acorn Guest

    Default Wrong licence status and registration info

    I've been a paid registered user of ZA Pro for several years.
    My last renewal payment was made in April 2006, and at
    least for a time I was good to go until April 2007.
    This is for the Firewall only.

    After my lastest program update to 6.5.722.000,
    which was mid-late July, "Product Info" informs me
    I now have a trial licence, and that I have
    725 days remaining in the trial period.

    If further says my update service subscription expired
    on 4/20/2006 although I paid for the update several weeks
    before this, and all seemed well (till the latest upgrade).

    It also says I registered on 7/20/2006.

    So why do I now have a trial licence?

    I realize that having 725 days left sort of makes it a moot
    point, but
    (a) I like professional software to work right, including details.
    (b) Usually when there's one thing wrong, there is something
    else wrong but just isn't showing up yet. I expect to
    turn my computer on one morning and it will say I have
    been in arrears since last april or something, and not

    How do I get ZA to recognise my copy of ZA as a full, valid
    licence that has been renewed and not expired? Thanks in advance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    Zone Labs has just changed or is in the process of changing the way their license works. They have asked us to direct all license questions to Zone Labs Technical Support for now. I'm afraid I don't know how the 'new system' works which in your case may not be perfected as yet. Sorry I can't help.

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    Thanks, Bill. Appreciate the info.

    Made contact as you suggested. Says two working days
    for reply.

    I'm becoming a little concerned about ZoneLabs lately
    because of a variety of recent incompatibility issues
    they have inflicted on themselves. This is the latest.

    Used to be such a reliable program; at least there
    are a few really good alternatives these days.

    Thanks again. See what happens this time.


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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    If you would, please post back with what they say; I'd like to know. Unfortunately as security software providers try to add more and more options, their software gets fussier and often creates conflicts. I find that Zone Alarm is not alone in this behavior; I've had the same type of issues with Symantec and Webroot.

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    At least they were speedy and friendly w a form letter. I just received a procedure that involves what looks like about 40 steps to fix their problem. Preparation procedures, search & destroy file hunt, uninstall w special options, REGEDIT work, re-install, reregistering, update - then ??. Maybe this weekend.

    I am regretting renewing my subscription in April, but I have been a loyal user of ZA and ZAP since their inception. They have all but abandoned their original core application in adding in the other stuff, so not much works right anymore. I already have good coverage for the other functions. All I want is a good firewall that is reliable. This will be about my fifth or sixth re-install, all in the last 18 months, all for silly stuff. This is the most involved, for the silliest of reasons. It has frankly become tiresome. This is not reliable anymore.

    At least now there are excellent options for firewall software. I went thru this with McAfee recently (total bloat-ware w/o 'suite') and am absolutely thrilled with the replacement (smaller, better, faster, complete user control - much of it written in assembler - remember the old Peter Norton Utilities, etc?). While ZAP does not recognize my new AV software, by turning it off I gain a little memory.

    Regards, and thank you very much for your input. Much appreciated.


    EDIT: I was in error when I said the only part of ZAP was the firewall; the process guard/program control is effective and well done, however that was perhaps the big selling point in upgrading from the free version of ZA to ZAP. ZL was definitely leading the pack then.

    Message Edited by Acorn on 08-10-2006 02:31 AM

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    Hi Acorn, I also have been using zonealarm primarily for the firewall. What I have learned here is that the firewall you purchased is good for life. That is to say the control of traffic in and out of your computer and the stealthing of ports are licensed to you "in perpetuity". What you are buying when you renew is the right to upgrade the software. I have an expired installation of ZASS on one of my computers and I turned off the antispyware and antivirus and mailsafe and junkmail functions so in effect all I am running is the firewall for free. Now if Zonelabs comes out with an earth shattering new upgrade I will hop on the bandwagon and buy it but for now I am using my dollars for premium antispyware and antivirus programs. So my point is what are you really losing by not renewing your license if all you want is the firewall function?

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info


    Thanks for the valid perspective. I hadn't looked at it that way before, and we all should, and you make a very good point.

    -I don't have the suite, so I don't have antivirus (I have a nice prog for that), so it just checks to see if I have such protection. However ZAP doesn't recognise my antivirus software - so I've turned this monitoring off since it only wastes memory and clock cycles.

    -I have premium spyware detection; that does more, but I have ZAP's turned on, but it doesn't seem to check for very much.

    -My premium AV does my mail, so I have that turned off already in ZAP.

    The one thing I most like about ZAP is it's 'Program Control' process guard, which helps me in a variety of ways. Not sure this function has been improved in a long time, or if there is much to improve anyway (there are a few things they could do).

    So I guess I am effectively at where you say I should be, except I've been paying for updates which may be benefiting me little or not-at-all. I've got 8 months to consider!

    Thanks very much for the reality-check.

    Message Edited by Acorn on 08-10-2006 07:45 PM

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    The 'reboot three times' procedure from ZL fixed the problem.

    Procedure only missed the reqmt for a third reboot but it was
    easy and took less than an hour.

    So I'm back to where I was, at least for the time being! :-)



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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    Thanks for that information; it is news to me. May I ask if you rebooted just Zone Alarm 3 times or your computer? Thanks.

    BTW, I noticed ledoc's post and tend to agree. I have Zone Alarm Pro, but I've got Privacy turned off all together. The Firewall and Program control are the must important things to me. Oh, I do have e-Mail protection on as well as my ID lock.

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: Wrong licence status and registration info

    Fair question. Computer reboots: (1) After deleting ZAP from my system; (2) after reinstalling ZAP; (3) after updating the spyware system. Pretty standard. Perhaps (2)&(3) could have been combined, in retrospect, but I was following the pop-ups that said "reboot required."

    Re email chores, I found my new AV, which has an extraordinarily small footprint does this faster/better, so I turned ZAPs monitoring to "off".

    Firewall and process control software are important to me. I've not noticed much improvement in terms of improvements (function, reducing memory reqd, increasing speed) for a long time. Perhaps my perception is faulty.

    If there is a well-designed, small-footprint 'process control' alternative available, then I would seem to be back to ZA freeware (or keep the expired version of what I have). But for now I'm real happy with the way ZAP performs this task - except for all this recent instability/incompatibility stuff.

    I'm curious now though - does the ZA freeware have a significantly smaller footprint while running than ZAP 6.5.722.000?

    I'm taking ledoc's advice to heart.

    Cheers. -Acorn

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