I've been a paid registered user of ZA Pro for several years.
My last renewal payment was made in April 2006, and at
least for a time I was good to go until April 2007.
This is for the Firewall only.

After my lastest program update to 6.5.722.000,
which was mid-late July, "Product Info" informs me
I now have a trial licence, and that I have
725 days remaining in the trial period.

If further says my update service subscription expired
on 4/20/2006 although I paid for the update several weeks
before this, and all seemed well (till the latest upgrade).

It also says I registered on 7/20/2006.

So why do I now have a trial licence?

I realize that having 725 days left sort of makes it a moot
point, but
(a) I like professional software to work right, including details.
(b) Usually when there's one thing wrong, there is something
else wrong but just isn't showing up yet. I expect to
turn my computer on one morning and it will say I have
been in arrears since last april or something, and not

How do I get ZA to recognise my copy of ZA as a full, valid
licence that has been renewed and not expired? Thanks in advance.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5