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Thread: ZoneAlarm 6.5 and home wifi

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    sumers Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm 6.5 and home wifi

    Any known problems with 6.5 and home wifi?? I'm using a cable internet provider with wireless router and firefox. Thanks

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    That set up should work fine. Just add the local network ip addressthat zonealarm detects to the trusted zone and you should be fine.

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    sumers Guest

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    Not clear about what the "local ip network address" is. Is this the address of my cable internet access provider? Where do I find it??

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    Actually all the Zonealarm products except zonealarm free will detect your local network automatically and ask you what zone you wish the network tto be placed in. The answer is Trusted Zone if you share files and printers over your network. If you are running the free firewall you have to tell the program about your network.To find out your ip addrfess click on start>run and in the dialogue box that pops up type cmd.In the command prompt window type ipconfig /all.You'll see several lines among them your DHCP server with the ip and the DNS servers (can be more then one). Take note of all these ip's. Then go to ZA tab firewall and page zones and in the box at the bottom (entry detail),click add, choose ip address and then enter a bief description, type the ip's you found and make sure the zone is setted to trusted. You need to do this one by one.It helps us to help you if you always note your operating system and the version of the Zonealrm product that you are using.

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    sueanns Guest

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was unable to print from the laptop since downloading Zone Alarm on the laptop and desktop and couldn't figure out how to fix the problem until I read this post. Problem is now resolved!!

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    you are most welcome!

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