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Thread: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

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    tnunan Guest

    Default vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    Since upgrading to 6.5.722 vsmon.exe & zlclient.exe hog the cpu at startup for a long time, so much so that the computer can appear to freeze, and the zone alarm window freezes on the screen if it is opened.Between them they are hogging almost 100% of the cpu time (as seen through windows task manager) leaving very little for other programs, although they do startup after a long wait.This is still happening after a new install following a /clean uninstall.My machine is 3.4 ghz with 2gb memory, so unless more is less system resources shouldn't be a problem.Anyone got any ideas on how to cure this?Thanks,Tony

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    A cure...probably not but perhaps some suggestions. First, it is not unusual for True Vector (aka. vsmon.exe) to use a lot of resources at boot because your firewall "watches" the behavior of every program as it opens to make sure it does not conduct any nefarious activities. So the more programs you have starting at boot, the harder True Vector must work to watch them all. One thing you might find useful is reduce the number of programs that start at boot. You can always open them later if and when you want to use them. Many program authors think their program is so important it should start every time you boot; not so in many cases.

    Also, have you granted 'server' rights to any program in the Internet Zone? This too will cause True vector to constantly watch that program and the port(s) it uses. In my view, you should not grant Internet server rights to any program unless it is needed to function properly and then let it ask for the rights only when you use it. Perhaps these steps will help.

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    tnunan Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    Hi Bill,Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I have tried them, and they do make a small difference.However, in the course of testing I have come across a curious anomaly with the vsmon & zlclient cpu usage.Watching task manager I can see when all the startup programs have loaded, and a short time after that the cpu usage drops from 100% to 40%-50%. Here is the wierd part. If the Zonalarm window was not open and visible on the screen at the last shutdown then this 40%-50% cpu usage (all but 5%-10% of it by vsmon & zlclient) continues for up to 23 minutes before settling down to 1%-5%. During this time the Zonealarm window will not open properly and appears to freeze, until the cpu usage drops, at which point the Zonealarm window finishes displaying normally, and functions. But if the Zonealarm window was open and visible (even in the frozen state) then the cpu usage drops to 1%-5% very quickly and the Zonealarm window functions normally.

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    eywe Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    I am having this problem as well on both my machines. It is becoming quite annoying as I basically have to turn off ZA to run some programs or it will lock up my machine. It certainly slows it down quite a bit with this happening. I know back in 05 this was an issue and I thought it was fixed but it appears to have resurfaced.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    Make sure I'm understanding you correctly. If your Zone Alarm control panel was minimized on shutdown, then the 40% CPU usage continues for about 20 minutes on the next boot? But if the control panel was opened on shutdown, the CPU drops? I've not got a clue on what might be causing that behavior. If you had not already done a "clean" uninstall, then here is when I'd recommend you do one followed by a fresh install. What you see happening is not normal.

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup


    Sorry you're having a problem.

    While it's interesting to test these things, I think the upshot is your installation has become corrupt somehow, unless some other program is interfering (sounds like this not happening in your case).

    So probably "clean uninstall" and reinstall the whole thing may be a pragmatic, but probably not very welcome, suggestion. Pain in the A&&, it is. Registry, temp files, recycle bin, all that. Clean slate, though.

    I think the worst things is, with all this spastic stuff going on, is you may be operating without any protection whatever. I have the feeling all this spikey activity is doing something else than looking
    after your computer's security interests ...

    Will assume you disabled the WindowsXP software firwall, and are running _just_ ZA's firewall.

    Recheck your serial from time to time, to make sure it doesn't do an auto change. Seems the latest is yet another version that likes to morph from time-to-time.

    Good luck. Sorry can't help more, but never had this happen, just 'other stuff'.



    Oops: didn't see Bill's response there; sorry. He's more succinct. 'Clean' is the thing.
    Still interested in how you fare.

    Message Edited by Acorn on 08-13-2006 04:43 PM

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    tnunan Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    Hi Bill,Yes, that's pretty much it, except I have since discovered that sometimes if the control panel is minimised to the taskbar then it will startup normally, but if it is just in the system tray then the 40% usage continues for 20+ minutes each time.I will give a clean install another go and see what happens.Tony

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    looplocal Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    Tony or Bill:

    I am experiencing the identical issue as described by Tony. Have either of you found a solution or reason?

    Thank you.


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    pearsam Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    I have this same problem and I'm using Windows 2000 Pro SP4. I have completely reformatted my hard drive and re-installed all software and I still have this hogging problem. I have started considering going to a different antivirus and firewall.

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    tjl Guest

    Default Re: vsmon & zlclient hogging cpu usage on startup

    Hello all,

    I've had this problem on and off for a long time but this is the first time I've seen anyone else with the same problem.

    I have done a clean install of ZA and the problem is still there. It seems to happen after a cold boot where ZoneAlarm locks and runs the CPU at 100%. I then have to restart the PC and everything runs as normal but will return after the next cold boot.

    Last time this happened it suddenly went away (maybe after an automatic update from ZA?) but this time it's been going on for a while.

    ZoneAlarm is a great product, and it's free, but this is a little frustrating when I'm in a rush.

    Hope someone can find a solution...


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