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Thread: Boot time seems excessive.

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    swally Guest

    Default Boot time seems excessive.

    Hi. Since updating my Zonealarm firewall I have noticed an increase in the amount of time it takes to boot up from startup. I have carried out a cleanup and a de-frag but it is still the same. Is there anything Ican do to speed up startup time as it is frustrating to wait longer than usual to be able to start any other programs without a major slow-up. Thanks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Boot time seems excessive.

    Hi swally,This problem seems to be one described by several other users lately. Unfortunately searching the previous posts ,I did not come up with a solution that was sure to work all of the time for this.The best I could find was a dpost by Guru BillCherry at the following link... this doesnt help you should consider doing a clean uninstall and re-installing the previous version of the firewall that worked without a slow bootup time. You can use the older firewall version until an improved upgrade comes out.

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: Boot time seems excessive.

    Follow Bill's good advice first.

    Couple more things to try if startup is still excessively slow:

    A) Take a look at what loads when your computer boots beyond
    what your TaskManager tells you (svchost.exe are containers
    for lots of stuff).

    This 'Autostart Utility' is free and will do that:


    (take out the "xx" and put in "tt" for the link to work)
    (not sure if url's to other places are acceptable here)

    It will also enable you to make changes, which I would
    strongly advise AGAINST, unless you know exactly what
    you are doing. A lot of things get stuck into autostart
    that shouldn't be there, and some things that should be
    there can be put in multiple times (uninstall reinstall).

    If you are expert, I would still recommend making a
    registry backup and making a single change at a time
    with a full computer boot in-between each.

    B) RUN services.msc
    take a careful look down the list of services; those
    listed as 'auto' start with bootup; see what's running
    and what's not, what is auto, manual or disabled.

    It may be obvious there are some things you will never use,
    for example "Smart Card", which manages your computers
    ability to read smart cards. I don't have a smart card
    reader, so I change it do 'disabled'.
    Other services you may not use often. Some of these can
    be changed to Manual, so you can start and stop the service
    from this panel. This is a safe place to start and stop
    select programs (load and unload). However, make sure you
    know for sure what you are loading or unloading, or
    especially what you are taking out of the boot lineup.

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    swally Guest

    Default Re: Boot time seems excessive.

    Hi. Thanks ledoc. I will try that and see how it goes. I see in a later post that darrenjp had the same problem but it was never really resolved. At least I know it is not just my computer! Thanks again.

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