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Thread: About to renew.. ZASS

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    chaser Guest

    Default About to renew.. ZASS

    question though.. I was thinking about the Small Bus. version of ZASS. What would you guys say are the most notable differences? Is there a fundamentally different approach that makes the small. bus. version much more secure in some way?Any info. is appreciated, thanks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: About to renew.. ZASS

    It would not be well-suited for home use IMO;
    assume that's the alternative here.

    A small-business network is not the same as
    a home network. The guts of the basic security
    modules are probably the same. There is extra
    stuff though,designed to work in an office
    environment (servers, url's, centralized
    security administration, etc, etc). The home
    version would not be well suited for a small
    business. Reverse is also true.

    Assuming you have a hardware router
    in place, which IMO is vital, ZASS should
    give your home network sufficient security,
    *if* you're satisfied with the level of protection
    its components already provide.

    Hope that helps a little.


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    chaser Guest

    Default Re: About to renew.. ZASS

    I see... well, I don't have a hardware router in place (i have a Dell wi-fi one though, somewhere around here.) Hmmmmmm, so what does the hardware firewall provide in addition to ZASS?thanks

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: About to renew.. ZASS


    It's a gizmo that goes between your cable modem and your computer; a
    cutout that 99+% of unsolicited bad stuff can't get through. It provides
    a whole major level of security for your computer. It turns your ZASS
    firewall into a back-up system, thought that's nice to have; the big
    part of ZASS now becomes program control and the other things it does.

    It's keeping stuff out even before you turn your computer on.

    They compliment each other in a very nice way. From what you expressed
    earlier, I think this is what you want - a significant add'l layer
    of security. The router accesses your IP address, and your computer(s)
    accesses the (different) router IP address(es). Simple, effective.
    You can do add'l neat things with the router to do even better.

    Almost any simple hardware router will do this; e.g., LinkSys or D-Link,
    for around $40. Last long time. No annual renewal fees.

    A wireless modem stuck between cable modem and computer can do the same
    thing, but since you're now broadcasting to the neighborhood, you want
    to securely encrypt these broadcasts.

    If you have a computer-literate friend, he can help you set it up. Once
    that's done, you're home free.

    More info:

    Google "hardware firewall" + security, etc if you want to know more.

    Hope that helps. Order of magnitude easier than setting up an office system.

    Regards, -acorn

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