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    loek Guest

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    Somebodyhas, without my permission, installed NoAdware, offered by 3B Software, on my computer, Becuse I know that two antivirus/spyware programs do not cooperate, I immediately removed itfrom my system by deleting all entries in the register. That did not help. I then reinstalled the last update and restarted, same result. Resetting to a recovery point from before the installation did not help either. Now I can only scan for spyware, not for virusses.How should I proceed ???(He will never get the loan of my computer evermore !!!).Any help will be most helpful. !!Thanks in advance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    billc Guest

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    For give me if this seems too simple, but did you try to uninstall it by used the Add?Remove function in your Control Panel?

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    Yes I rather give the keys to my car before giving anyone access to my computer!

    Comments about NoAdware from the reliable and trustworthy is found here:\

    ditto for the qualified adwarereport:

    If it just reappears, then a trojan could be redownloading this. Please block the sites in the ZA. Please examine the ZA logs for the related sites. Also check what is going out by process. This will enable to control the sirtuation. This is besides stopping it in the Program listing.

    Open the registry and HKEY-Local_ Machine > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Run and delete the noadware reference. This will prevent it from running. Also check the Services in the Administrative Tools and do the "msconfig" in the run to disable.

    If the System restore is enabled, it may just restore it, so it better to unable the system restore first before removing the noadware.

    Recommended registry and file cleaners such as CCleaner and Abexo Free registry cleaner are adviseable. Both are freeware and spyfree, other than disabling the google toolobar option in the CCleaner.

    After doing this, I recommend to clean the database in the ZA itself. Please enter safe mode and delete the iamdb.rdb and the backup.rdb , both found in the Internet logs folder in the Windows folder. This will clean out the corrupted data and the ZA will start from anew!

    A good weapon is the HJT. HijackThis will produce a log to submit to a HJT forum such as spywarewarrior where the trained users will give free advice to do a complete removal and clean up!

    Hope this helps you!

    Best regards.

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    loek Guest

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    Yes, it was the first thing I did.Thereafter I removed by hand all the entries in the register, but in vain.Restoring an older registry-update or a recovery point did not help either.I am now trying the help in the 2nd answer on my problem.Regards, Loek.

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    loek Guest

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    Dear Oldsod,The problem is solved, but in a different way as you advised below.From the both sites you mentin below, one was under construction and I had no permission or something like that the open the link.Besides, the filesiandb.rdb and backup.rdb could not be foumd on my system.But, deep in a dark corner of my systen I found a backup of the Zonealarm settings from March 31 rst.I restored this backup and see what happened: everything ran smoothly as it has done before.Problem solved !!!Thank you for the time you spent to my problem !!Loek.

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    loek Guest

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    Dear Bill, I could solve the problem by restoring an old backup from March 2006.Everything is now running as before.Thanks for the time you spent to help me!Loek.

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    billc Guest

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    Good you got it fixed.

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