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Thread: Network Connection Speed Problem

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    miguelm Guest

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    After installing ZAISS I noticed a major slowdown in my home network connection. I have three computers (all with Windows XP) connected and I mainly use them to produce/compose musical works. I use a program called FX Teleport that allows me to share the resources of the computers (via network) to play my works. Only one of the computers is connected to the internet so I installed ZAISS in that one. Before the installation, I could get a 256ms latency in my network and didn't get any dropouts, after the installation I can't get a latency value less than 4096ms!! This is a severe problem to me because with this latency it's impossible to play in real time the sounds generated by the two slaves computers (via network).
    Is there a way to improve the network connection or do I have to remove ZAISS from my computer? And if I proceed with the uninstalation will the network settings/speed return to the one I had before ZAISS or do I have to delete any registry?


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    ai_tak Guest

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    Is that 256ms of latency on your internal network?

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