There have been times when I have been working on my computer and it suddenly locks up. I have determined that the program causing this is vsmon.exe. I have used the task manager to monitor attacks. It takes up 95-100% of all memory(1GB total). It also locks up the hard disk and continuely accesses it(there is nothing else running). Also, the ZA icon in the program tray goes crazy at this time. I run anti-virus, five malware programs, and a rootkit revealer daily. Sometimes, I run some of them more than once a day. This depends on the length of my Internet sessions. I am having no problems with malware, viruses, or unathorized Internet access. This computer hijacking happens when I AM NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. I have read some of the threads about vsmon.exe and haven't been satisfyed with the responses or answers. None of them pertain exactly to my problem. Here are my vital statistics:

WIN 2000 Pro
Version Information
ZoneAlarm version 6.5.731.000
TrueVector security engine version 6.5.731.000
Driver version 6.5.731.000
80GB c: drive
80GB f: drive

My questions are:
What does this program do?
Is there anyway to control this rogue program?
Why is it accessing my disk drive?
What does any of this have to do with Firewall Software? Especially when I am not connected to the Internet(I have a dial-up connection).

These are serious questions and hopefully everyone will answer responsibly. I don't know the the answers.

Respectfully - RtMain

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.5