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Thread: Cannot shutdown Zone Alarm

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    shadowpatriot Guest

    Default Cannot shutdown Zone Alarm

    I am currently using Zone Alarm Pro 6.5.722.000. I just reinstalled Zone Alarm Pro after having issues with it about a month ago and now I have the exact same issue again. If I shutdown Zone Alarm Pro then I get this message when trying to access any other program on my computer "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropiate permissions to access the item." I am forced to restart my computer to start Zone Alarm again and then everything works fine as long as Zone Alarm is running. This is an annoying issue and I have tried completely purging Zone Alarm from my system manually and reloading it. The problem persists. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Cannot shutdown Zone Alarm

    You may need to try reseting your ZA configurations and settings database. I cannot say if this will fix your problems but sometimes the database can get corrupt during upgrade process. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly and do them in Windows SAFE MODE. You will lose ALL your customized configurations and settings after doing this and have to allow ZA to re-configure its permissions and add any customizations afterwards.

    ZoneLabs database reset:

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    shadowpatriot Guest

    Default Re: Cannot shutdown Zone Alarm

    Thanks for the advice but unfortunately it didn't work. Any other ideas would be most welcome though. Thanks

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Cannot shutdown Zone Alarm

    ShadowPatriot, I have some more suggestions for you to try.

    Make sure that you are in administration mode when you are using ZA and make sure that you have signed in under an account that has administrative rights. This is always recommended when uninstalling, installing or making any changes to the ZA program.

    From the Windows desktop go to Start > Run > type" msconfig " in the space without the quotes, click OK,click on the Startup Tab in the upper right the the System Configuration Utility window, scroll down the list of startup programs and make sure that their are no duplicate entries for " zlclient " without the quotes, and if there are then uncheck the duplicate entry. Try unchecking the second duplicate entry but if it is a much older ZA entry from an older ZA installation the entry mightpoint to a different location in the registry is different it might be located closer to the bottom of that list. Next click Apply, and/or OK then allow your machine to reboot. After booting you will get a message asking if you wanted the change to happen to the Windows startup files. Click the box to"not to ask that question again" and saythat "you want to keep the change". If you did not see duplicate startup entries for zlclient then click Cancel to exit.

    If you did not have duplicate entries as I described above or doing that procedure did not fix your problems then I would recommend following a set of complete uninstall and re-install instructions with ZA registry entry removal. I believe that your problem involves left over registry entries from a previous version of ZA. You could also have left over files from a previous ZA version which are also included ina completeset ofuninstall instructions with manual file removalbut I think the key is the registry entries. You need to follow a specific set of instructions for doing this and editing the registry is an advanced procedure and should be done carefully following recommended backup procedures before working on it.

    If you cannot find the uninstall instructions with manual file removal and registry editingin the yellow area at the top of theINSTALLATION section of thisforumthen you will need to post back in this forum requestinga set ofuninstallinstructions to do this because there have been recent changes and the link to the instructions that I used to provide is no longer valid.Please post backin this forum with your results. I will try to check back in this thread. However, to get the attention of other contributors to help you with this you could alsomake a brand new post in the Installation area with your request if you need help with using thecorrect uninstall or install instructions and you could include a link to your first post in this thread if you need to.

    Update: Try this link in you need to use those instructions I mentioned above...

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