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Thread: Import via modify a backup?

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    thwarter Guest

    Default Import via modify a backup?

    I have several hundred IP address -ranges- that Ineed to block. Too many to manually type in. Has anyone created a utility that would enter the ranges from a text file into a backup XML file that ZAP can create for later import? Is there a limit to how many entries of IP ranges can be entered into the Blocked Zone?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Import via modify a backup?

    I am not aware of any such utility at this moment,and honestly doubt one would be written.

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    thwarter Guest

    Default Re: Import via modify a backup?

    <blockquote><hr>FlyYourWay wrote:
    I am not aware of any such utility at this moment,and honestly doubt one would be written.

    Thanks for the reply. Sounds like I'll have to write my own AVG Pro utility, then. Fairly easy, actually. Do an AVG backup (Overview/Preferences), so you can restore your settings later. Delete all entries in your Blocked Zone. Add these two IP range items to your Blocked Zone (Firewall/Preferences): Description=Test1 Description=Test2

    Backup the now current AVG settings and then go look at the XML file using Notepad.
    Search for the text &quot;; (without the quotes)
    You will find the following two lines, one immediately following after the other:

    &lt;iprange address=&quot;; toaddress=&quot;; status=&quot;on&quot; description=&quot;Test1&quot;/&gt;
    &lt;iprange address=&quot;; toaddress=&quot;; status=&quot;on&quot; description=&quot;Test2&quot;/&gt;

    Assuming only the &quot;Test1&quot; line exists instead of both of them, all a program has to do is copy each line in the XML file to another file (call it, say, Import.xml) until it finds that first line and then start writing more lines to that section obtained by reading from another user created file. When done adding lines from the user file then continue adding files from the original backup file until its end is reached. Now Restore this programmatically created &quot;Import.xml&quot; file, and there are all the entries.

    I've not yet tried making a slightly bigger manually created xml backup file from an xml file than AVG Pro originally created, and then Restoring it. Because I was hoping that someone else had already done this or tried to do it. I suspect it will work, unless AVG keeps a database of the checksum for every Backup file it has ever created. Well, I guess I'll find out this weekend... I don't know if I'll fancy it up enough to make it a public utility, though.

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    thwarter Guest

    Default Re: Import via modify a backup?

    It was easier than I thought it would be. I "imported" (5,814 IP ranges) Blocked Zone entries by writing a small program that read the entries to be imported from a text file and entered them (at the correct place) into an existing ZAP backup xml file; I then simply Restored from within ZAP the newly programmatically created "backup" xml file. It works fine. I get Program alert logs when I try to acess any of the 5,814 entries I put this way into the Blocked Zone.

    Sure beats trying to enter all those by hand!!!

    This should be a feature of Zone Alarm Pro, it's fairly simple to code. If I can do it, I know Grisoft should be able to do it too and do it a lot better han I can. I hope I find that it's already a feature of the Network version of ZAP (I'm currently studying its manual, all 176 pages, as I'm about to install it where I work at). Somehow, I doubt this "import" feature exists...

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