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    mdd Guest

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    Does anyone know of issues with windows scripting errors on IE from Zone Alarm Pro, vs 6.5? I have been developing web sites with Netobjects fusion for several years, no problem. Recently I upgraded to version 9. Just in the last couple of weeks I started getting a windows script error, "an error has ocurred in the script on this page". The only script I am running is making a picture pull up on a mouse-over on a web page, then go back to the original picture on mouse-out. It may fall under active x, but I am not sure. I have contacted the software manufacturer and they suggested turning off Zone Alarm and updating scripts - both of which I have performed, but to no avail. Still get the error. I went through the online help with zone labs, but no help there. I have sent in a ticket, but it says that it could take several days to get a reply. Not good. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have checked the privacy, nothing set there. The mobile code blocker wasn't even on.Thanks,MDD

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    flyyourway Guest

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    If you disable script error notification in IE does the error cease?

    Open Internet Explorer.Select Tools > Internet Options... from the menu bar.Click the Advanced tab.Check the Disable Script Debugging check box.Click the OK button.

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    mdd Guest

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    I tried that, thank you. No it does not help. When I publish the web site, if gives me the "Did you notice the Information Bar?" message box. Then the bar under the address bar, "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer this file from showing active content that could assess your computer. Click here for options." I had a similar problem before and toned down the security settings, but this time it is blocking it much more severe and I have turned down the security setting already.Thanks

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    ai_tak Guest

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    What activex was it specifically? Clicking the bar will show you.

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    mdd Guest

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    I figured out the problem, it wasn't even ZA, it was my development program. As is the case with some vendors, they do not want to admit it is their software, but I discovered that it was, not ZA and they admitted it - the first step towards recovery, ha ha.Thanks anyway

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