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Thread: Outlook must shutdown or Outlook locks up

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    jimhaynes Guest

    Default Outlook must shutdown or Outlook locks up

    I have been complaining about a problem I have had with Outlook ever since I installed Zone Alarm Security Suite 6.5 (I am now up to version 6.5.737). The problem occurs usually when my computer is unattended. I have these same versions of ZA on three computers. On one computer I have unchecked the Automatic Send/Receive in Outlook. On this computer I have never had the Outlook must shutdown message. The other two computers are set to check for mail every 5 minutes. These two computers are burdened with the Outlook must shutdown message.

    In now believe I know what is causing this problem. When I check for mail Outlook is pinging 3 different POP accounts. If for some reason one of these POP accounts is not responding, Outlook should timeout and check for mail 5 minutes later. When I increased my sever time out to 2 minutes on one POP account the problem seemed to diminish. Yesterday there was some problem on the second POP account which had the timeout set to 1 minute and I received the Outlook must shutdown message.

    I now have the timeout for both POP accounts set to 2 minutes and will monitor this.

    I consider this a ZA bug that needs to be fixed.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Outlook must shutdown or Outlook locks up

    Could you send your observations and testing results to Zone Labs Technical Support ? They are the folks that need to know so they can respond. I can't test myself because I use Zone Alarm Pro not ZASS.

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    ltcolglennr Guest

    Default Re: Outlook must shutdown or Outlook locks up

    I'm running ZA Internet Security Suite on 5 computers using Outlook 2003 and Outlook Express with two different POP setups (hotmail and adelphia) and fortunately haven't had any problems. I had to make sure the firewall was set up to allow the application to communicate with email servers. I'm also running my computers through a Linksys router.

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    dt63944 Guest

    Default Re: Outlook must shutdown or Outlook locks up

    I don't know if that version had the Mailfrontier Junk filtering, but this technique helped me:Try turning off all your email protection in ZA, then exiting Outlook, then re-entering Outlook and then reviewing and moving all your Zonealarm junk, phishing and challenged emails out of the special ZA folders into the appropriate default (or new temporary) folders, then deleting the ZA folders and then exiting Outlook and then turning back on the email protection in ZA and then opening Outlook and letting it recreate those folders and then see if that helps get rid of those crashes.

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