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Thread: VSMON memory leak and CPU usage

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    jurek_nowak Guest

    Default VSMON memory leak and CPU usage

    Hello all,I have read a number of post on this subject but no real resolution. I have a 3 user network. 2 IBM notebooks and a desktop. The desktop is fine. Both IBM notebooks use anywhere between 5 and 30 percent CPU on VSMON. In the meantime, VSMON just keeps growing in memory usage until I reboot and start again. I have had it up to 450Meg of memory. The tech support team at ZoneAlarm have been very quick to respond but nothing seems to solve the problem.For example, disabling all service other than Microsoft services does nothing.I have also tried to strip the system of anything that polls the internet for updates etc. etc.I had other anti-virus software on the system, but have deleted that also.Running out of ideas here, but would appreciate some new thinking or experience.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: VSMON memory leak and CPU usage

    Hello jurek_nowak
    Welcome to the forum, My personal belief on the CPU leakage has to do with a bad install or bad upgrade.The problem with ZoneALarm at times it does not correctly copy .dll files correctly or it somehow corrupts its own install,intern causing a memory leak thus bumping up the CPU usage,I have seen this in a few Beta I tested and even on a General release of some if not many of the general released version,I generally just uninstall ZA using the /CLEAN uninstall directions and then I follow the MANUAL UNINSTALL directions ridding myself of all old .dll and other application files,and 99% of the time CPU usage goes back to a normal rate.I am not saying following these steps will improve your problems but it has for me in some testing and on a few systems.

    CPU usage may also be caused by what software you are running ,I have seen P2P program make ZA spike in usage so bad that the computer stopped responding,so look at whats running in the background while this happens,if you have nothing running but basic programs it might be a corrupted install.

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    jurek_nowak Guest

    Default Re: VSMON memory leak and CPU usage

    I have eliminated the problem it seems.I installed a new ADSL Firewall Router and ZoneAlarm has stopped continousy polling the internet

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: VSMON memory leak and CPU usage

    Great to hear all has been resolved.

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