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Thread: ZA Pro Mem consumption

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    xxx Guest

    Default ZA Pro Mem consumption

    I just installed the latest ZA Pro i was wondering what is the normal ammount of memory that it should consume.

    When my pc boots up
    vsmon is about 15mb
    zaclient about 5mb

    I have no p2p or anything else running to do with internet. Also its a fresh install of XP.

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Mem consumption

    Your doesn't seem to high. Let it go through the day and see if the memory drops. For me ZA's memory usage usually drops after about 15-30 mins from boot-up. In general, programs tend to take more memory at boot-up up. Also remember when you boot your PC up, there are many things that want to connect to the internet immediately: Automatic Updates, AV Updates, antispyware updates, instant messaging clients, notifiers etc.

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    acorn Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Mem consumption

    vsmon.exe ~22MB
    zlclient.exe ~4MB

    Perhaps vsmon load is dependent on how much
    stuff it loads to monitor, so may be unique
    to each user - then changes during use.

    This a fairly small footprint.

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    ai_tak Guest

    Default Re: ZA Pro Mem consumption

    There is a very small memory leak in vsmon.exe in version 6.5.722 (edit: this is ZA Pro), possibly other versions. I'm in the process of tracking it's rate. It is small, after 6 days of uptime I vsmon is using 31.5 MB of memory. (I've seen it up to 101 MB but that was under heavy stress and many many days of uptime)

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