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    mindsigh Guest

    Default Little Red Button

    Does anyone know of a way to minimise ZA so that just the "Stop The Internet" little red button appears in the taskbar? Alternatively, know any program that will sit in the task bar and block all traffic with one little push?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
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    Right-click on the ZA icon, and a menu pops up. You can select Engage Internet Lock and Stop All Internet Activity.:8}

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    mindsigh Guest

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    Thanks for that Jerusalem. I was hoping that I could stop traffic more quickly by having an icon on the task bar that I could just click on and immediatly cease all access in the event of a malicious program truing to download itself

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    It only takes 1 second to use the right-click method(assuming your mouse is not playing up) so I guess it is the fastest way at the moment.

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    mindsigh Guest

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    Thanks for your interest. BTW Do you know of any (third party) software that will put such an icon or button in the XP tray?

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    billc Guest

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    I'm not sure this will do want you want, but open your Zone Alarm GUI, locate the small box with a white arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of your GUI then click on it. Will that work for you?

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    Default Re: Little Red Button

    Hi Guru Bill,

    I think the panel will do the job but it does take up some real estate. It is a nice idea, but realistically, the time to either open the existing ZA Task Bar icon compared to clicking the Stop button on the panel (which may be behind other windows anyway) or to click on a dedicated Task Bar STOP button is going to be so small its probably not significant in the big scheme of things.

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    ai_tak Guest

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    I seem to remember a toolbar type thing for the taskbar that had the zonealarm stop button on it on an old version of zonealarm, does anyone else remember that?

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