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Thread: Unlock my IE Home Page options

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    mowilly Guest

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    OK. I don't know if it's an IE setting, some little helper tool from Yahoo or another toolbar, or ZoneAlarm (or all of them), but I can't change my Internet Explored home page from anything but the default. Dumb me. I had it set to open with my personal Yahoo page until yesterday. I made the mistake of telling IE to return it to the default. It now is locked on an AOL home page (Sony's partner).I've tried shutting off ZoneAlarm and hunting through all the security settings in both IE and ZoneAlarm. Nothing seems obvious and nothingunlocks it. I've tried shutting down ZoneAlarm. Shutting off IE and bringing it back up. Unplugging from DSL and going through all the motions. No luck. I haven't tried removing ZoneAlarm from the startup folder then rebooting.What simple switch am I overlooking?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    It might be another security app, if you have them, such as Spybot, Spywareblaster, some Norton products, etc. all have options to lock home page.

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    Sounds like you got hit by some spyware/malware because the default page for IE I believe is MSN . I would do some antispyware scanning. With Zonealarm and then at least another Antispyware program. A good free one that has liberated my browser home page in the past is Ad-Aware. Alot of folks around here suggest Ewido but I find it too aggressive. It removes files I actually need so unless you are good with identifying the good from the bad I would try the Ad-Aware program first.Free Download site....

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    ai_tak Guest

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    Go to Program Control(tab)->Main(tab)->Program Control(section)->custom(button)->OSFirewall(tab) and set "Change internet explorer home page" either back to it's default of ask, or to allow.

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    mowilly Guest

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I'd already tried turning of OS in ZoneAlarm then restarting; telling ZA not to open on startup, etc. (none of it worked). Didn't find any other program on my system that "protected" my Home Page settings.I did a Google search and the third returnremindedme I couldrun regedit to find and delete the IE home page registry key. When I returned to IE, all was fine and I quick set it to the page I wanted. It was still changable after a reboot. I'm pretty sure I had ZA lock it down to prevent highjacking - guess there was just a bug that wouldn't let me shut it off to make a change. What a surprise to find that punching the button in IE that says reset to original system defaults goes way back to what the machine was loaded with from Sony with back in 2001.All is well - thanks again for your responses.

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