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Thread: VSmon memory hogging problems

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    chaosmark Guest

    Default VSmon memory hogging problems

    Within the last week, on startup. VSmon is taking 2% to 89% cpu usage. Last night it took 35 minutes to startup my computer.I have done a clean install using the method to uninstall zonealarm, removing internet logs etc.For atwo days i was fine, then it came back again.i have ran spyware, zonealarm virus scanner and nothing seems to be on my computer.I had to uninstall the whole thing due to the hellish time taken to loadup windows and run certain programs.Without vsmon going insane, my computer takes a maximum of 4 minutes to start.If i set a program like wow to be able to use other programs to access the internet, it no longer got scanned as much by vsmon, only on execution.( it seems to me it worked that way)I am using windows xp home. sp2i have the ZoneAlarm
    INTERNET SECURITY SUITE, licences til october version 6.5.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    lizgold Guest

    Default Re: VSmon memory hogging problems

    I am having the EXACT same problems, also within the last week, for the first time ever. VSMON up to 98% CPU usage. Have run spyware & virus checks--nothing.

    Using Windows XP Home, ZoneAlarm Pro.

    Looking for fast help...I have had to disable ZoneAlarm to use the computer, leaving me vulnerable.

    Any help appreciated!!



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