my subscription for zone alarm is comming to an end in 20 or so days so i opened up the zone alarm over view and clicked the renew button, took me to a zone labs web page where i followed the instructions and entered my details etc, but then i get a message saying i had entered my card details in i check and click submit again, ........i do this a few times trying to work out what i had entered wrong, disaster, i log on to my online bank and discover at least 7 payments to zone labs,..........i.e the payments WERE getting through, i log on to the zone labs website and sure enough there they were, 7 purchases in the history file all with the status ERROR that means, so iam left with a large bill and NO renewed subsciption i beleive the the nenew button took me to some redundant area of the zone labs website, because when i navigated through from their home page, i found a renewal area completely different to what i had been at before, it was asking for the liscense number which it didn't before. if you plan on renewing, .... just watch it.

Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5

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