I read the terms of agreement and I think it's kind of funny that "Zone Labs does not monitor User Content on the Site" yet Feature Requests will be the property of Zone Labs and may be freely used by Zone Labs". So how do they find out about feature requests if they don't monitor the board? Particlarly interesting is the paragraph "you agree not to disparage the products or services of any company or individual".Sometimes constructive critism is mis-construed as disparaging remarks but as a user of Zone Alarm pretty well since day 1 when I first remember Steve Gibson recommending ZA, I think I have some valid comments to follow below.Instead of racing in to try and compete with in the category of "Security Swiss Army knife", I think Zone Labs needs to refocus on making their FIREWALL product the best it can be. Improvements such as an import/export facility for site lists, program lists,etc. would be appreciated. A database repair facilty so that all my workincustomizing my ZA never need beerased. A more standard interface that actually scrolls when you hold down the side scroll button would be an improvement alaong with columns that remember where I sized them the last time and options to control the font face and size. I actually still found the old interface back around version3before they changed it more useful.How about a choice of either standard or skinned interfaces? How aboutreport functions with filters or standardised report output so that you don't have to sift through a ton of individual log files to find out what's happening on your system. How about triggers andemail/network/alarm messages forexceeding user thresholds for intrusion along with IP tracking utilties so you can instantly find out exactly who is hammering on your system? Fewer minor revision releases would be much appreciated too. Too many users have all experienced more and more the effects of upgrading too often into a minor revision that holds what in fact is a beta major revision.A pet peeve I have is the recent change over the last year or so to a Microsoft type active web-authorization scheme that only causes users grief. Myself, I run one computer on the road and sync it to my desktop when I get back. My previous single user license worked fine and all was rosy until ZL changed it to a machine license instead of a user license. My only comment to the change is "get the machine to pay for the software then". I consider licensing to machines overstepping the goodwill between vendor and client. If there are others who take advantage of your goodwill, then deal with them but don't paint the rest of us with the same brush. It's insulting.I had hoped for so much more. Instead Zone Labs seems to be more interested in rolling out trendy mainstream software and engaging in agressive licensing schemes that collects their $ first instead of providing solid bug-free software. If they don't watch out, they may turn into their competion instead of being an alternative. I remember the days whenboth Zonelabs and their major competitorwouldn't release a product until it was so thoroughly tested that there was almost never a minor revision between major versions. There are somethings definitelyworth revisting.