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Thread: GDI Objects jamming my machine

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    rwgzonealarm Guest

    Default GDI Objects jamming my machine

    After several days 24x7 computer usage with Zone Alarm Security Suite 6.5.722.000, the task ZLCLient.exe consumes and does not release both User Objects and GDI Objects. After the counts reach 4 to 6 thousand unrelease objects, the machine becomes slow or just hangs up. Symptoms include: Menus of any program may quit working. Open a new program and it never starts up. Windows explorer quits responding. Only when I am lucky enough to have Task manager running, have I seen the problem of this. Recycling Zone Alarm will fix this.

    I've seen this on a half dozen machines, both the free version and my subscription versions of Zone Alarm. This problem seemed to start with V6 of Zone Alarm.

    If there any way to get this problem addressed and resolved?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    ai_tak Guest

    Default Re: GDI Objects jamming my machine

    That's odd but not unheard of. (I've seen quite a few programs with gdi object leaks)Do the gdi objects increase if you never interact withthe zonealarm client? Is there a specific page in ZASS that if you repeatedly open, it always increases the gdi object count?If we can distinguish between the two of those we can begintonarrow downthelocation ofgdi object leak, which will be extremely helpful in a bug report to tech support.I have ZA Pro and I have no gdi object leaks at all (gdi objects stays aroundthe 600s), however ZA Pro 6.5.722 does have a very small memory leak.

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    rwgzonealarm Guest

    Default Re: GDI Objects jamming my machine

    > Do the gdi objects increase if you never interact with the zonealarm client?

    I have machines which work mostly as file servers and they never seem to have this problem. While the machines I actively use, with email clients (Outlook and another email client), Visual Studio, Word, MSMoney and all of my other tools and games will present this problem. The household teenager's machine which constantly runs Outlook mail client, IE, Instance Messenger, WinAmp and games also shows this problem.

    But, I cannot find a single action on my part which will cause a loss of GDI objects. The problem never happens when I'm watching or trying to cause it. I can play with the client and watch the GDI's go up and down but it seems to release the GDI's I cause it to consume.

    What I have not been able to track is the GDI consumption related to inbound protection, blocked intrusion, outbound protection and so forth.

    > (I've seen quite a few programs with gdi object leaks)

    Yes, so have I! IE 7 seems to consume a lot (almost as much as Firefox), but it's easy to shutdown and restart. Every couple of days, WISPTIS (Microsoft Tablet PC Platform) will decide to start running in the background and, within a day, will consume more GDI's than Zone Alarm. I'm not even on a tablet, I can't determine why this even would start, but I can use Task manager to kill it.

    Zone Alarm is the problem I need to resolve because I can't simply restart it.

    While I am unable to recreate GDI consumption at will, they are attached to the ZAClient.exe. I will be doing other work and notice sluggish or no response from an application. I switch to Task manager and see the thousands of GDIs consumed by zlclient.exe.

    Is there a way to recycle the client without stopping all of Zone Alarm, leaving True Vector running and protecting my machine?


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    ai_tak Guest

    Default Re: GDI Objects jamming my machine

    On a non-admin account (limited account) you can exit the client and restart it without quitting the vsmon(core of the firewall)service.From the sound of it we can narrow things down and help get techsupport the info they need to fix the problem.On a computer that has the gdi object problem:First turn off all automated tasks such as auto-updates and auto checks for updates, then (if possible) leave the computer alone for a day, note the gdi objects before and after, should be a negligible change.Next pick one daily task only and do it and only it a few times in a day, note for any significant change, keep doing more things one at a time till you note fair change, then report back.

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