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    totally Guest

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    Greetings,After updating to release 6.5.731.000 of the free version of Zone Alarm, I'm having a problem exclusive to a very old MS-DOS program that I still use after all these years. When typing commands into this program or inputting or accessing data, keyboard entries "hesitate" on an irregular basis, making it very frustrating to keep track of progress. If I disable Zone Alarm, it works fine. Disabling other running programs (Norton, for example) make no difference. This old program worked perfectly under earlier versions of Zone Alarm. All Windows based programs (MS Word, Excel, etc.) work fine; the issue is only with this old MS DOS program. I'm running Windows XP Professional. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any ideas? Many thanks for your help!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    What are you running at the same as the MS-DOS program? MS-DOS programs assume there is no other program running at the same time (no concept of multi-tasking in MS-DOS) and other Windows programs might be stealing some CPU time including resident programs like firewalls and virus scanners.

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    totally Guest

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    Thank you for your response. The only things running at the same time as the DOS program (besides Windows syetem applications such as svchost, taskmgr, etc.) are Windows Defender and Norton Anti-Virus. If I disable both but leave Zone Alarm running, the keyboard hesitation continues. However, if I disable Zone Alarm but leave both Windows Defender and Norton Anti-Virus running, the keyboard works fine. Earlier versions of Zone Alarm worked fine with no keyboard hesitation; that's why I wondered if I have a setting wrong with the new load...or if there's something different in this release that is causing the issue.Thank you again for your assistance.

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    ai_tak Guest

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    Specifically which msdos program is it? Is it a true msdos program or just a batch file based program that runs on the commandline?

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    totally Guest

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    The program is dBase III+ and a compiled version running under Clipper. Both are affected the same way. Thank you for any help or advice you can give.

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    ai_tak Guest

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    I skimmed around the internet for info and have found that these are true 16-bit dos programs. How many "ntvdm.exe" process are running in the taskmanager when this program is running? What is the avererage processor useage of these programs, both when idle and under heavy typing? Are there any other processes using quite a bit of processor time?(View->Update Speed->Low gives much better averages in the taskmanager)

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