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Thread: Dodgy Bandwidth Usage Sightings

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    enzymus Guest

    Default Dodgy Bandwidth Usage Sightings

    I have an upload of about 25kbps.
    I have devoted 18k to filesharing and the filesharing client's graph shows exactly that.
    And what's left is ample for all my other usage.

    However, every now and then something very dodgy happens:
    My internet gets really sluggish and my filesharing upload gets forced down. Usually way down,
    like something I didn't start has priotiy and is taking up all the bandwidth.

    However, locking the internet with Zonealarm will kill the problem (until it happens again).
    The side effect though is that, while filesharing goes on, I will keep losing my contacts and aiting list while locked.

    What's more, whatever is costing me this bandwidth seems to notice this counter, a very recent occurance of this problem today sees the problem tries to just shave down my 18k upload (i.e it's not using too much).

    So if this "problem" tried to be even more careful and uses even less bandwidth, I wouldn't be able to noticed it at all.

    Still, clearly whatever is doing this is not what I am doing, and I know nothing about which programmes are using my bandwidth and how much they use (it seems such a simple idea, and I seem to recall seeing something to this effect on WindowsNT).

    Whatever is happening seems really dodgy. Any help appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.1

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    nowaynoway Guest

    Default Re: Dodgy Bandwidth Usage Sightings

    Would the Netlimiter 2 Monitor (freeware) be useful to you?Could your ISP be shaping the traffic?Does it happen if ZA is disabled?

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    enzymus Guest

    Default Re: Dodgy Bandwidth Usage Sightings

    I have tried NetLimiter 2 and found even more dodgy stuff.
    First of all, after you run NetLimiter, nlsvc.exe never terminates. I can't end it from task manager and that even stops computer shutting down.
    But it does show something. One is that Firefox upload sometimes shoots up to 40 odd kb when I'm not doing anything and I have had zonelabs deny Firefox acting as a server so it shouldn't be sending out stuff when I'm not sending out stuff.

    Another is that vsmon itself sneaks into a huge download when I'm inactive. I hope that's a legitimate update.

    I'm pretty sure it's the firefox thing. When I have other applications running (like WarCraft 3) Firefox can sneak into 99% CPU usage (why?). And when I close Firefox it takes like a whole 2 minutes to cache a couple of cookies (again, what the heck?)

    Spybot and AdAware never shows anything except for a few regular cookies. I think I'm haxx0red into. What to do?

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    enzymus Guest

    Default Re: Dodgy Bandwidth Usage Sightings

    Yeah when I'm afk Firefox opens up all kinds of **bleep**py ports and communicates with all kinds of **bleep**heads.
    What can I do?

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