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Thread: Question concerning *.tmp files/shutdown etc.

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    Default Question concerning *.tmp files/shutdown etc.


    I set up my system during the last few days; I also installed ZA 6.5.737.000 (German version). I set up the internet connection an hour ago or so, and now, when cleaning the Windows/Temp folder for the first time, noticed that quite a few zlt*.tmp were in there. From what I remember form earlier versions, these files only stay in the tmp folder after rebooting if something has gone wrong at shutdown; however, I never noticed anything of that kind. Considering my last few reboots were usually installation or (Windows-) update-related, I am, of course, afraid some reboots might have gone wrong without me noticing. Do I need to be worried, or can this kind of behaviour (i.e. *.tmp files staying in Temp after rebooting) appear without problems of this kind?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    maxsselfissteam Guest

    Default Re: Question concerning *.tmp files/shutdown etc.

    Also, maybe I should add that the logs that can be read in ZA don't seem to have lost any info... that's what some of the tmp files are related to, right?

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    And yet another thing... could these simply be leftovers from the installation, is it usual to find these files there after the installation? As I said, it was the first time I emptied the Temp folder since installing ZA. It's a pity I didn't keep those files to look at the dates they were created at.

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    Default Re: Question concerning *.tmp files/shutdown etc.

    ZA free 6.5xxx creates 2 ZLT07xxx.tmp files in C:\WINDOWS\Temp. On my system, at any rate, new ones are created and old ones automatically deleted on each system restart (based on the date stamp, and that I never have more than two).
    During the session the files are in use
    by vsmon.exe and therefore cannot be deleted. I do not know their function. I should think any that you can delete are old ones as you say, probably left over from previous uninstalls.

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