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Thread: vsmon.exe just keeps growing in size

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    acke Guest

    Default vsmon.exe just keeps growing in size


    When I'm downloading files from internet (using Azureus), the process vsmon.exe just keeps growing in size.
    I usually restart ZA when it becomes 200 mb or so. (Restarting is NOT a big deal btw...)
    It would, I assume, become a real problem when it passes the amount of RAM I have.....
    Is this an issue with the version I use, or do all versions show the same behaviour?


    XP + sp2
    ZoneAlarm Pro (Which is the last version that really work on my pc, the upgrades were terrible...)
    NAV 2004

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.x

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    Default Re: vsmon.exe just keeps growing in size

    Well, I'm a programmer and vsmon.exe is leaking memory like sieve!
    In my ZAISS 6.0.667 the vsmon.exe file size is 1,677,056 bytes and uses 40Mb (currently).I think your Azureus is causing vsmon.exe to have issues and leak memory badly.
    Solution - reboot your computer as ZA aren't going to fix 5.5.

    Message Edited by Jeruselem on 10-08-200612:51 AM

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    acke Guest

    Default Re: vsmon.exe just keeps growing in size

    Yeah, that figures.
    Thanks anyway, restarting ZA is not a big issue, so I'll just continue restarting for the time beeing.


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    Default Re: vsmon.exe just keeps growing in size

    The VSMON.EXE memory leak problem was, in my experience , most evident in the 5.X versions of Zonealarm. The later versions are much less likely to cause this problem although the memory leak problem has been reported in every version so far (but less frequently lately). I could recommend ZAPRO versions 6.1.744.000 or 6.1.744.001 which can be downloaded at the following link..

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